Not many people fully realize the popularity of custom branding clothing for your business. Take a good look wherever you go, and you will see that custom branded clothing is worn everywhere around us. The till operator in the supermarket, the bank teller, the company driver delivering your order, the plumber fixing your bust pipes – they all wear branded clothing. 

Promotional clothing is all around us every day. In fact, research conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association shows that a massive 91% of respondents use branded clothing in their business. There are good reasons why promotional clothing are so popular:

  • Identify Staff

Companies use it to make their staff easily distinguishable to their clients. When your staff is wearing branded apparel, it can draw your clients’ attention to a specific promotion or a positive brand message. An added benefit of branded clothing is that it makes your staff more approachable. 

  • Increase Trustworthiness

When your customers see that your staff wears company branded apparel, it will contribute to the trustworthiness of your business. 

  • Improve Morale

Branded clothing boosts the morale of staff and conveys professionalism, which will help create a positive image in the minds of your customers. 

Minuteman Press offers a wide variety of custom apparel. From golf t-shirts and caps to chinos, safety boots and jackets, we can make sure that your branded clothing sends the right message. Whether you are interested in ordering a few t-shirts for an upcoming golf day or whether you want uniforms for your staff, we have got you covered.

Are you considering an investment in branded clothing for your business? Get in touch with Maitcomp Printers, your leading printing company in Cape Town.