Posters offer an inexpensive and highly effective method for getting your message out in the world. When it comes to advertising and brand exhibition, the right poster, in a place that appeals the most to your target audience can help convert any passer-by into an instant sale. For many small and medium-sized businesses, the opportunity to print posters offers an effective, cost-efficient solution for raising brand awareness and visibility. When you distribute and put up high-quality posters, you enhance brand recognition, and cheap poster printing can also convey an effective call-to-action too!

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You can use posters as a very cost-effective way of advertising products, specials or events. These printed ads are easy to use as they are light, thin and easy to pin up or tape. You can even place it on the inside of a window. One can print posters double-sided for 2-way display.

Ad prints are often enlarged images of flyer designs. They are ideally displayed at places with a lot of pedestrian traffic

Poster Paper

Paper ads are typically printed on a 170gsm or 200gsm paper. A gloss paper is mostly unused to give a high end look for example an event poster. Matt poster paper can also be used. The lighter paper may be flimsy especially on larger posters. Thicker paper like 300gsm will increase the prices unnecessarily.

Poster Sizes

Printed advertisement sizes do vary based on budget and quantity. If you wish to target more locations, printing smaller, for example, an A3 poster or A4 poster will allow a higher number of copies.

Size also depends on the amount of information that you wish to display. if you have little information, you can print in a bigger font on a smaller a3 poster, therefore a larger a2 poster may not be needed. If however, you have a lot of information an a1 poster can allow for more space.

Another consideration is viewing distance. A smaller poster will be effective when people walk close by and can stop to view it. Should you place a poster high up against a wall, far away from customers, you will need to print the text bigger make it visible.

If your party poster is not visible, nobody will attend!

Benefits of Posters

You may use poster printing as a very cost-effective way to promote events. Images can be printed in high quality at very low rates as paper is cheap. Due to the low cost per poster you can higher volume.

A downside of posters is they do not last well outdoors. Poster prints are ideal for bulletin boards, pinboards and shop windows.

Popular Posters Uses

You can print an event poster or a party poster for short term single use. Wall posters like and art posters. Sports posters and other creative posters.  Lamination can increase the lifespan of a poster

Poster Printing Alternatives

Alternative options for posters would be correx boards or PVC banners.

You can use correx boards or corri boards as a direct alternative and use them in combination with posters to promote events indoors and outdoor.

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A3 (297x420mm), A2 (420x594mm), A1 (594x841mm), A0 (841mmx1189mm)


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